About the Athena Guide

About the Athena Guide

This guide is written by me, Theo Tolv. I’ve been using Athena since its launch in 2016, and been a constant annoyance to the Athena service team for most of that time.

After answering over a hundred questions tagged amazon-athena on Stack Overflow, I felt that there needed to be a place where the questions that come up again and can be answered. This guide is meant to cover the most frequently asked questions, and more.

Since 2022 I work at AWS with Amazon Athena, but this guide is something I work on in my spare time.

Who is this guide for?

The articles in this guide are inspired by questions on Stack Overflow, and are for people learning Athena. I assume you’ve read parts of the official Athena documentation and know how to create tables, and run queries. I’m not covering the things that are in the getting started guides, but the things you might need to know when you’ve learned the basics, and the things that aren’t that obvious from just reading the documentation.

Where to report issues

The content for this site is available at iconara/athena-guide-content where you can report issues and contribute fixes.

How to support this project

If you find this guide helpful you can buy me a coffee.